The Golden Cipher Tarot

These new tarot cards represent a more modern aesthetic and reveals an array of hidden symbolism and meaning; reflecting Masonic symbolism (both Arthur Edward Waite who co-designed the Rider-Waite deck and Aleister Crowley who co-designed the Thoth deck were Freemasons) along with other mysterious and magical esoteric symbols which reflect a more modern and Gothic style, appealing to a new generation of tarot user. As with all tarot cards, they reflect the never ending cycle of life, death and rebirth and present the ancient themes of the search for hidden knowledge.

Golden Cipher Tarot
Illustrated by Siobhan Sands - Written by David Harrison
"Each card has been carefully designed to follow the ancient art of divination of the tarot and the utmost respect has been given by both the artist Siobhan Sands and historian David Harrison to produce a new tarot deck which offers a new insight into the hidden knowledge offered by the cycle of the tarot. "
Unfortunatey this project is no longer in progress but the concepts still remain.
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